composer for film, TV and media - vocalist - songwriter

Born in Salzburg and raised in Vienna, Austria, Josy grew up in a musical environment. At the age of 5 she started playing piano and was classically trained for more than 10 years. She attended a high school with main focus on music, where she started to take vocal lessons and performed vocals and piano on a regular basis. Influenced by top singers like Celine Dion and Whitney Houston, Josy began experimenting in writing her own piano ballads.


After school she attended the sound engineering program at SAE college in Vienna where she was introduced to the technical methods of audio recording and music production. This enabled her to record, mix and produce her own songs which led to her interest in creating music for film and TV with orchestral samples.


Before she would go down the road to become a film composer, Josy joined a Celtic rock band named "Celtica-Pipes Rock" in 2009. With the group she played keyboards, vocals, percussion and performed a unique fire spinning show. They toured all over Europe, the US and Canada playing in front of thousands of people at big festivals and club gigs alike. After 5 years of great experiences, Josy decided it was time to do her own thing.


In July 2014 she released her first solo album "What Lies Ahead", which consists of 10 singer-songwriter ballads and 2 orchestral film music pieces. The project opened up new doors for her and at the beginning of 2015 she fulfilled her dream and moved to Los Angeles.


Film music has always been a great part of Josy's life. At a young age, she started playing famous film music themes from Titanic, Gladiator and Star Wars on the piano. Once Josy arrived in Hollywood, she enrolled in the UCLA film scoring program. In addition to learning the industry's standards of film scoring, the program led her to an internship at Hans Zimmer's studio "Remote Control Productions" in Santa Monica, CA. After the internship Josy got offered a job and had the opportunity to be part of big projects for more than three years. She had the pleasure to be part of the Oscar nominated movie "Hidden Figures" and also got to assist Emmy-winning composer Ramin Djawadi with his "Game Of Thrones Live Concert Experience" tour in 2017. That same year she got to work for composer John Powell (The Bourne movies, Solo: A Star Wars Story) where she helped out with musical and technical assistant work.


Also in 2017 Josy released her second solo album "Mystica", an EP that consists of cinematic music with featured vocal lines. Inspired by movie scores like "The Lord of the Rings" and "Gladiator", Josy combined her two passions in this album: epic film music and singing. The album is available for download on iTunes, Amazon, and cdBaby.


From mid 2017 till the beginning of 2019 Josy worked as a composer's assistant at "Bleeding Fingers Music", a company co-founded by Hans Zimmer and located within his studio complex in Santa Monica. There she worked on many projects including TV shows like "The Simpsons" and a Netflix movie called "The Package" where she received additional music credits. 


Now Josy works as an independent composer and writes music for film, TV, and other media; she has scored the feature film "Rot" which got selected to be screened at the Nashville Film Festival in Oct 2019. For the American-Ukrainian co-production "The Rising Hawk" she wrote additional music and contributed an ethnic vocal performance; the film had its international release in 2020. On a regular basis she writes music for the music libraries "Extreme Music", "Red Bull Media House", and "Mpath Tracks/APM Music", and her work is also heard in commercials and advertisement adds. She occasionally sings on projects for other composers and music production companies like "Red Cola", a famous trailer house based in Venice, CA.


In 2022 she wrote the score for the critically acclaimed German nature documentary "Heroes of the Sea" (Helden der Meere), that has won several international awards and will be airing on German television in 2023.


On weekends, Josy still enjoys to perform. For almost a year she played piano at the famous Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Downtown LA, where she acquired a reputation as a pianist and has been booked at events and concerts ever since. Her versatile repertoire includes film music, classical, original songs, and all-time pop favorites.
As a singer-songwriter Josy has performed her own songs in some of Hollywoods famous music venues like "The Silverlake Lounge, "Genghis Cohen", and the "Republic of Pie".